Presenter's Pack
The Presenter's Pack Includes (1) One Groove Pen, (2) Two Spot(s), (2) Two polished Aluminum Tri-pods with adjustable legs, (1) One Bluetooth Dongle, (1) One licensed version of the BoonJin's 2.0 Smoothboard software, and for a LIMITED TIME a (1) One Sabre push button infrared pen. ON SALE $107.95
Master Presenter's Pack
The Master Presenter's Pack is a one stop shop of everything that a professional needs to get started using an interactive surface in their presentations. The Master Presenter's Pack Includes (2) Two Groove Pens, (2) Two Spot(s), (2) Two polished Aluminum Tri-pods with adjustable legs, (2) "real" WiiMote's, (1) One Bluetooth Dongle, (1) One licensed version of the BoonJin's 2.0 Smoothboard software. $239.95
The Groove™ and Spot Combo+
The Groove™ and Spot combo is the perfect marriage of form and function. It pairs The Groove (1) and all of the form, function and durability with The Spot (1), and a mini triod. All of these products are manufactured with the best techniques to ensure predictable quality and a long life expectancy. $44.95
The Spot is a versatile and custom-fit mount for the WiiMote. The Spot can be mounted on a tripod, ceiling attachment, or any other apparatus, securely holding the WiiMote used in the interactive surface. Made of a polymer plastic for durability and long life, The Spot offers the simplest and most eloquent solution for mounting your Wiimote. $9.95
The Groove™
The Groove™ is a second generation IR Pen, designed to take the Wiimote project to the next level. It's the product of exhaustive market research and customer feedback, pared down to provide the key features you need, with the natural feel you want. The Groove features a pressure sensitive tip switch, as well as the standard button activation, to maximize flexibility. $29.95
Polished Aluminum Adjustable Tripod
Our Aluminun Adjustable Tripod gives you a firm and flexible mount for the Spot, and for your Wiimote. Designed and made exactly to the specifications required by our clients, the tripod takes the mystery out of where to place your Wiimote, and the hassle out of adjusting it for optimal use. Made of Polished Aluminum with adjustable legs, the tripod will keep your Wiimote from going off track. $9.95
Bluetooth Dongle
This MS Stack Compatible Bluetooth Dongle gives you an easy and portable way to save, transfer, and project your presentations on an interactive surface. The Bluetooth Dongle has been tested rigorously with the Smoothboard Software. This Bluetooth Dongle is an integral part of any great interactive surface solution. $14.95
BoonJin's Smoothboard 2.0 Software, with quick connect
Interactive Surface software can get complicated. Boonjin has done a tremendous job simplifying it, including both the WiiMote whiteboard and the presenter into this single application. It's all the software you need to get up, and get started. Additionally, we are pleased to be the very first official US reseller for the Smoothboard software. Your license key will be emailed to you upon order fulfillment. System Requirements: OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista. $29.95