About Us

IRPens.. paying back to move forward.

Wiimote Interactive surfaces are virtual whiteboards you can construct using a Nintendo Wii remote, together with an infrared LED "pen" and a projector. Given that this solution is much cheaper than multi-thousand dollar corporate solutions, they're ideal for educational and other uses. View the original concept video here.

IRPens.com was created with the purpose of producing the most sophisticated and affordable hardware to support and drive the WiiMote project worldwide. Using time-tested manufacturing techniques and constant innovation, IRPens delivers comprehensive interactive surface solution packages. To best serve the needs of our clients, we offer a one-stop shop for a complete solution in cost effective, portable, professional presenting.

In Fall of 2008, IRPens released the GROOVE 1.0, the first manufactured Infrared pen with a pressure sensitive tip switch. Since that time, with an evolving focus on quality, we've launched the GROOVE 1.5, as well as many other individual interactive surface tools and packages. You can see our products here. We look forward to the upcoming release of more unique products, designed specifically to support the Wiimote Project worldwide.

IRPens is dedicated to provide low-cost interactive surface solutions, and to ensure these solutions have a positive impact on communities all over the globe. Our community focus shows not only in our attention to making and distributing products that allow schools to share the same capabilities enjoyed by fortune 500 companies, but also in our own actions. As an organization, IRPens donates time and money to provide more places with interactive surface solutions, as well as makes significant contributions to the opensource and closedsource communities at the center of the Wiimote project. At IRPens, we believe that giving back is the best way to move forward.